Such polish greeting functioned already in the times that lasted from 16th till the end of 18th century. We wanted to welcome You with bread and salt, however it is simply impossible via the Internet.

This greeting is usually more associated with wedding traditions. Actually, this form can still be seen at wedding receptions when the bride and groom are welcomed by their parents in front of a reception hall. But do you know that this custom has functioned in Poland for ages? In the past, monarchs and church dignitaries were greeted this way. Bread and salt symbolize hospitality and friendship but also they are bound to herald prosperity.

The tradition of baking and giving bread is also connected with Polish rural areas. And when we talk about countryside we must mention Harvest Festival – a folk feast at the culmination of hard work on the fields that lasts from spring throughout the entire summer. Harvest Festival is now celebrated in August or September. These feasts differ depending on the region, but bread remains one unchanged element. For this occasion housewives bake a big loaf of bread, traditionally – from new grain, as the reference to the goods of the Earth.

These are only a few examples of customs that make our cultural heritage. Some of them are still present in our lives, others are present only in the villages, and some fade away. Most the Most Foundation was created to join the generations of Poles around the protection of our history, tradition and culture. We want to cherish our heritage with You. Both the material one such as movable and immovable monuments, as well as those more elusive since non-material, such as ideals, values, customs, rites.

Are You interested in Polish traditions, art, architecture, our history? If the answer is yes, than this is the right place for You. These are the subjects we want to raise and engage as much positive energy around them as possible.

We will launch first activities soon. Visit our website and social media – you will be updated.

We are happy to have you here and hopefully you will get involved in our actions.

Take care!

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