Together we build the bridge between the history and the modernity.
We turn the forgotten into the remembered, ruins into beauty, sadness into joy.
Let us join forces and do it together. 
Most the Most! Bridging generations!

Most the Most – why?

We are

the bridge between the past and the future. We support culture, restoration of heritage buildings and breathe new life into them.

We integrate

all generations of Poles around our history, tradition, culture and national heritage.

We show

the achievements of Poland and Polish people to the world. We build pride from our history and culture, our ancestors and their achievements.

We initiate

the cooperation of many communities and partners, as together we can do more or even the most.


We build social capital through supporting culture, creators and inter-generational cooperation.


We are the bridge between the past and the future, the inspirer and the integrator of the society for culture and heritage.

Our goals

Goals of Most the Most Foundation

Social commitment

Building commitment and activating local societies for actions around their needs. Supporting the development of civil society.

Initiating cooperation

Inspiring the intergenerational cooperation to protect our national heritage. Integration of Polish people around our history and tradition.

Heritage protection

Supporting education

Sustainable development

Promotion of Poland

Our Team

Let’s get to know each other!

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Martyna Krawczonek-Kosior

PR and Communication Manager

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Róża Zabojszcz

PR and Communication Manager

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Anna Wojtaszek

Project Coordinator

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Katarzyna Majcherek

Foundation office coordinator

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Maciej Seniw

Project management manager

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Łukasz Szczepaniak

PR and Communication Manager

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Filip Czarnecki

Project management manager

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