Over 760 applications for 71 monuments from the inhabitants of Łódzkie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeships. Thank you for your commitment!

768 applications for 71 monuments – this is the result of the Our Monument I Competition in Łódzkie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeships. During the call for entries, that lasted for four weeks (29.10 – 26.11), Most the Most Foundation received 441 applications for 29 monuments from the inhabitants of Łódzkie voivodeship and 327 applications for 42 monuments from the inhabitants of Kujawsko-Pomorskie. The propositions are varied, however the inhabitants’ huge commitment and care for local heritage is their common denominator.

The selection board will choose from the submitted monuments – those that fulfill the competition criteria and the owners of which are interested in the cooperation with Most the Most Foundation – one monument in Łódzkie and one in Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship. We are planning to announce the winning monuments in February 2022. Next, we will run II Competition in which the inhabitants from the areas surrounding the monument can submit the ideas for its new social function. The winning monument will obtain the financing from Most the Most Foundation (up to 1 000 000 PLN). The owner of the monument shall spend it on its restoration and adjusting it to the social function selected in the competition.

However, before we know the winners of I Competition, the selection board will verify all applications. Next, the Foundation will contact the owners of the monuments to obtain necessary information and of course their approval and willingness for cooperation in the project. Only basing on the collected information, taking into account the possibility of project implementation and its social potential after restoration, the winning monuments will be determined.

Today, we are highly impressed with the submitted applications. Large majority of them are rich with interesting history of those places, magnificent photos, great ideas how to bring new life into them and great amount of positive energy. This shows that local monuments play a significant role for the inhabitants that feel the need of care for common heritage and history. The societies from Łódzkie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeships showed that they can get engaged and take the matters into their own hands for the common good.

Idea time

After choosing the winning monuments, the time will come for selecting their new social functions. Local societies shall speak again. Just like in the first stage of the competition, we are counting on the inhabitants’ initiative. In II Competition for three weeks we will be collecting ideas from the inhabitants as to how they would like to use the restored monuments. Just like in I Competition you can submit your idea via the electronic form available on our website. Those who do not have internet access can do it via the phone. We are planning to announce the winning monuments and II Competition (for the idea) in February 2022.

What’s next?

After choosing the ideas for the social use of the winning monuments and signing contracts with their owners, the Foundation will grant the financing for the monument restoration and adjusting it to the functions selected in the competition. The amount of financing may reach PLN 1 000 000.

You will find current information about the competition in “Our monument” tab.

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