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About us

We are building a bridge between the history and modernity.

Imagine two river banks. The past is on the one side and the future on the other. You are here and now. You are the present, you walk in the path from yesterday to tomorrow. The past and the future are joined thanks to You. You want to build what is ahead of You. But do you look back?

The past and the future are the places and moments in our lives that are intermingled while at the same time they mutually benefit from each other. Our history, tradition, culture are the foundations of our identity and our potential of today and tomorrow. The pride of our ancestors and their achievements is part of our identity. For this very reason we reach into the past for wisdom, experience and strength. We look into the future with courage, creativity and trust. We build it together – here and now with combined forces.

Take a look around you. Think what you can do for yourself and for others. How can you change your neighborhood for the better, unleash its potential, develop it and see everyday life in another dimension? Do not listen to those who say “you cannot do it”, “what for?”, “let somebody else do it”. No! It is all in Your hands. Now is the time to act. Today You are bridging yesterday with tomorrow.

Most the Most Foundation is the bridge between the past and the future. We are building a strong foundation reaching into our history and national heritage.

We inspire, integrate, support. Together with local communities we give new life to places that are important for them. Places that are the core of Polish and European history and that are the testimony to our heritage. Places that allow us to feel again the bond of history and tradition.

We restore the continuity between what was, what is and what is yet to come. We take pride in our Polish heritage and we want to show it to the world.

Together we build the bridge between the history and the modernity. We turn the forgotten into the remembered, ruins into beauty, sadness into joy. Let us join forces and do it together. Most the Most we bring the generations together!

Most the Most

Bridging generations!


We build social capital through supporting culture, creators and inter-generational cooperation.

  • We inspire people of all ages to activities benefiting the cultivation of Polish tradition and heritage protection.

  • We build commitment and activate local community around actions to protect the heritage.

  • We believe that together we can give new life to places that are important to us, turn the forgotten into the remembered, the ruin into beauty, sadness into joy.

  • We show that it is worth engaging in the issues important for the society, that everyone has influence on their surroundings.

  • We believe that joint actions bring large effects, as together we can do more, and even the most.

  • We show that it is worth influencing local surroundings and being responsible for it; we support building civil society.

  • We help build responsibility for your motherland also the small one, local.

  • We show that without history and the achievements of our ancestors there would be no us, that it is worth drawing wisdom from the past and Polish tradition.


We are the bridge between the past and the future, the inspirer and the integrator of the society for culture and heritage.

We support the society to independently and from the bottom-up take up initiatives connected with:

  • cultivating and restoring national heritage;
  • giving new social functions (resulting from their needs) to heritage buildings, to bring new life into them;
  • intergenerational cooperation;
  • stimulating local social and economic development;
  • we build human capital around the restoration of places of historical importance and national heritage;
  • we raise social self-awareness towards local tradition and national heritage;
  • we initiate the cooperation of many communities and partners;
  • we help point the way and achieve goals.

Our team

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