The Powerful of Art is a social campaign the idea of which is to create the trend to support culture and preservation of works of art. We wish to do it through the action of “adopting” museum exhibits by companies, institutions, associations and natural persons. We welcome the cooperation with: LOCAL MUSEUMS from all over Poland to indicate the exhibits from their collections that they wish to restore to their former glory and put through conservation work, COMPANIES, INSTITUTIONS, ASSOCIATIONS to grant donations to finance such works, ALL PEOPLE OF POWER – to take part in competitions to select the winning exhibits. The campaign is of all-Poland nature, and items selection will be held cyclically. We can create the Powerful of Art Community for culture and art thanks to the involvement of each and one of us.

Supporting culture and preservation of exhibits collected in small museums

Showing interesting works of art, museum exhibits to a wider audience and raising interest in the museums’ offe

Raising public awareness of culture, art, national heritage, monument conservation

Inspiring for social engagement to support culture and national heritage protection

Promoting the attitude of companies, institutions, people that get involved in art and culture.



Do you think that only experts, investors, generally speaking large, rich institutions and companies may be the patrons of the arts? You couldn’t be more wrong. Each of us can be the Powerful of Art and support the works of art valuable and important to local history and culture. Every single activity is important, as the sum of our actions may bring incredible effect and generate great power. Energy and involvement of every single person is what matters in our campaign. Take part in our campaign, be the Powerful of Art. Encourage others! Let’s create the Power Community for art and culture together!

Obtaining exhibits

We welcome the local museums from all over Poland for cooperation and submitting museum exhibits that require restoration works. Interested museums indicate the items for which they want to obtain funds to run restoration works (max PLN 20 000).

Selecting winning items

After receiving the proposals of the exhibits, we organize the competition involving Internet users and local society to select max. 5 museum items that will receive the funding. The voting will be via questionnaire on the Foundation’s website. The date of the voting will be published on our website. The competition is of national nature and will be organized cyclically.

Time for the Powerful of Art

To finance the preservation works of the winning items we will look for people, companies, institutions that want to create the Powerful Community, i.e. the Powerful of Art.
Companies, institutions, associations can make donations for our campaign or for a specific item.

Power is with us!

Companies, institutions, people supporting the Campaign financially receive the Powerful of Art certificate from us. We promote the Powerful of Art in media, social media and other our activities. We show and promote the exhibits and museums that took part in our campaign


Róża Zabojszcz, 532 390 627

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