PLN 1 MLN from Most the Most Foundation for the Manor in Niećkowo

PLN 1 MLN from Most the Most Foundation for the Manor in Niećkowo – this is the result of the agreement signed today between the Foundation and Grajewski district on the co-financing of the historic Manor in Niećkowo restoration – the winner of Our Monument pilot competition in Podlaskie voivodeship. Thanks to the commitment of the inhabitants of Grajewo, Szczuczyn, Niećkowo and the surrounding areas, openness for cooperation of District Authority Office in Grajewo and the grant from Most the Most foundation, the Manor in Niećkowo will not only restore its former glory but will also be the place for integration, education and development for the inhabitants.

Our Monument Competition is a flag project of Most the Most Foundation initiating and strengthening the commitment of local societies around monument restoration and giving them new social functions. The competition is divided into two parts: I Competition – selecting one monument in a voivodeship and II Competition – selecting the ideas for the social function of the winning monument. In the 2nd half of 2021 the pilot edition of the competition in Podlasie was held. In the I Competition the inhabitants of Podlaskie voivodeship submitted 71 applications in which they indicated 12 monuments. The Manor in Niećkowo was the winner from among them. In II Competition – for choosing the social function of the Manor – the inhabitants of Grajewo, Szczuczyn, Niećkowo and the surroundings were actively involved submitting over 100 interesting ideas for how to use this historic place.

New social function of the Manor in Niećkowo

Upon signing the agreement, Most the Most Foundation will transfer the grant to Grajewski district for the monument restoration and adjusting it to the chosen social function. Thanks to this the Manor will be open for local society and will be the place for cyclical:

  • meetings, classes and workshops (e.g. culinary, art, culture, handicraft);
  • events promoting local culture (folk dancing, singing, embroidery, sewing) e.g. culinary contest, folk art exhibition, Potato Day in Niećkowo, folk dancing learning
  • the Farmers’ Wives Association meetings;
  • scientific conferences;
  • trainings for micro agricultural producers.

Additionally the attic of the Manor will be the place for exhibition and storage of folk costumes of Kłosek Band that with song and dance extols the culture of Mazowsze, Kurpie and Podlasie.

What is important from the Foundation’s point of view, Grajewski district is planning to hold projects involving local schools (e.g. School Complex in Wojewodzin) in green areas reconstruction around the Manor in Niećkowo and continue the cooperation with the University of Warsaw for the activities cultivating local dialect.

Congratulations to the local heroes

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, which supports building social commitment around such initiatives as Our Monument Competition, among others, is the founder of Most the Most Foundation.

– Most the Most Foundation initiates the commitment of inhabitants of smaller and bigger towns within the cultural area. It support the projects that answer to local needs, and creating and implementing of which brings the local society together. The inhabitants of Grajewo, Szczuczyn, Niećkowo and the surrounding areas were involved in the competition and their monument won. Today they can feel like local heroes. Their work brought palpable effects because soon the Manor in Niećkowo will not only be restored to its former glory but will also be the place of integration, education and development for the inhabitants – Brygida Ślabska, the President of Most the Most foundation, emphasized during the event.

As she added – The commitment of local societies coupled with the openness for cooperation of the local authorities and with the support from the Foundation brings and will continue to bring many valuable and satisfactory effects.

Waldemar Remfeld, the Starost of Grajewski district emphasized that the renovation of the Manor in Niećkowo had been planned for some time already.

– Unfortunately the funds needed to cover the costs connected with it are high, so we are all the more glad with winning the competition. Signing the contract with Most the Most Foundation is the first step that brings us closer to the intended objective – renovation of the Manor. PLN 1 000 000 coupled with PLN 400 000 that Grajewski district will add, will allow for roof, attic and staircase renovation. The district is also planning to apply for funds from different sources that will allow for the entire investment realization. All these activities are to restore the monument to its former glory, and also revitalize it by giving it new social functions and enabling the cooperation with local society. We wish for this place to serve people who will appreciate its culture value and will know how to use the wide potential of the Manor – Waldemar Remfeld said.   

Manor in Niećkowo  

Malowniczo położony Dwór w Niećkowie, w gminie Szczuczyn, w powiecie grajewskim powstał na przełomie XIX i XX wieku. Dwór jest odmianą rezydencji magnackich wywodzących się z baroku i ukształtowanych w XVIII wieku… WIĘCEJ


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