Over 300 applications of monuments from Lower Silesia and Podlasie in the pilot of “Our monument” competition. The selection board has started to evaluate the applications.

Obrazek z podziękowaniem za zgłoszenia w pilotażu konkursu "Nasz zabytek".

In the next step the inhabitants can apply with the ideas of how they would like to use the chosen monuments after their restoration.

We have read the first applications. In the vast majority they are full of interesting history of those places, great ideas of how to give them new life, and a significant dose of good energy. This shows that local monuments play an important role for residents who have ideas and need to care for common heritage and history. The communities of Lower Silesia and Podlasie showed that they can get organized and take the initiative for the common good – says Beata Kuchcińska, the president of the Most the Most Foundation.

Now the selection board is working on verification and evaluation of the applications. As Beata Kuchcińska explains: – We get in touch with the owners to obtain suitable documents from them, evaluate the possibilities of project implementation and of course receive their approval. I believe that the monument owners will enthusiastically respond to the residents’ initiatives.

The Foundation plans to announce the winning monuments and the 2nd competition (for an idea) in August 2021.

After selecting the ideas for social use of the winning monuments and signing contracts with their owners, the foundation will grant the financing for monument restoration and adaptation to the chosen functions. The amount of financing may reach even PLN 1 000 000.

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